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 The Commissioners and Staff of the College Acres Public Works District welcome you and your family.  We invite you to get to know the area and the people who will be your new neighbors.  As a resident, you will need to know information about the service provided by the District.   We have put together this information Web Page to help you understand how the College Acres Pubic Water District  provides the services you will need as a resident.  We hope your experience as a resident of the District meets your expectations.  Remember that the Commissioners and Staff are your friends and neighbors working for you.  Everyone has a right to expect good service, but also the responsibility to be a good citizen and neighbor .  The College Public Works District is there to serve you. Make it work for you.



The College Acres Public Water Works District was established in the early 1950’s.  Until that time, the water service was owned by a private contractor, who turned the water service over to Aiken County.  Aiken County established a Special Purpose District through an election held by the residents and became the College Acres Special Purpose District. (aka College Acres Public Works District). 


The College Acres Public Works District provides water supply and garbage collection to the College Acres and Exeter Subdivisions. The College Acres area is the oldest development and is more then 50 years old.  The Exeter sub-division was added to the service area in the late1980’s and is still developing.The District does not take the place of a  Home Owners Association and does not get involved in issues that would be handled by such an Association.    



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