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Regular Monthly Meetings (Open to Public)


The College Acres Public Works District holds an open monthly meeting on the second Wednesday of each month.  The meeting is held at the Public Works Office located at 33 Citadel Drive. The meeting starts at 3:00 P.M. and the residents of the District are invited / encouraged to attend these meetings.  The residents may bring their own special needs or ideas and present them at these meetings.         


                             Meeting Agenda

         Call meeting to order

         Resolve residents issues

         Departmental managers reports

         Old Business issues

         New Business issues

         Adjourn meeting


Annual Budget Meeting (Open to the Public)

The College Acres Special Purpose District (College Acres Public Works Commissioners will hold special meetings that are in addition to the regular monthly public meetings.

Notice of these meetings will be posted at the office or placed in the Aiken Newspaper and are open to the public..







Minutes of the monthly meetings are kept at the office on 33 Citadel Drive and are available to review upon request.
Work Shop Meetings (closed to public)
    The Commissioners will hold work shop meetings to gather information required to make decisions on short term events.    These meetings could be about emergencies, budget work shop, employee personal issues.
   These meeting usually are not anounnced to the public.



The residents of the College Acres Public Works District own their Water supply and Garbage Collection Service


The District does not make a profit on the services provided to  the residents.


All money collected by the District is used to buy and maintain equipment, property, pay operating expenses and employees.



The elected Commissioners (3) volunteer their time free to the residents of the District.









College Acres Public Works

Business and Office Hours

The College Acres Public Works Office will be open for business  between 8 am and 3 pm Monday thru Friday. The office will be closed on weekends and Holidays.


  All paper work to establish or close an account will be completed at the office at 33 Citadel Drive.

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