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College Acres Public Works District SPD # 216


Services: Water, Trash Removal, Street lights, Fire  Boundaries: College Acres and Exeter Subdivision

Date of Origin: 1960 Statutory Authority: 6-11-10 of 1960

Tax Rate and Fees: 44.0 Mills, water rates are $15 for in-District and $17 for out of District for the first 300 cubic ft.of water used and $3 for each additional 100 cubic ft.. The garbage rate is $27.50 per month for residents, and $28.50 for commercial.

.Financial Information:

Fiscal Year Ends June 30th. Audit for Fiscal Year Ending: 6/30/2020 Total Assets: $1,128,968 Total Liabilities : $64,720


Board of Directors:

Selection Method: Elected by Residents

Board Member Term Title

Robert Cansler 01/01/2029 Board Member

Greg McCallum 01/01/2027 Board Member

David Adkins  01/01/2025 Board Chairman

Address and Contact Information:

David Adkins

33 Citadel Dr.

Aiken, SC 29803

Phone: 803 649-5619

Drinking Water


Regulations 61-58 through 61-58.15 are promulgated pursuant to S.C. Code Sections 44-55-10 et seq. and are collectively known as the State Primary Drinking Water Regulations. The Department finds the standards and procedures prescribed are necessary to maintain reasonable standards of purity of the drinking water of the State consistent with the public health, safety, and welfare of its citizens.



There are forms for starting and ending Water and Garbage Service.These forms must be completed and returned to the Office before the start of Water or  Garbage  Service. The forms can be obtained at the District Office            

These forms require your name, address, and dates of service . The forms also provide  the amount of deposit  charged by the District to start service.  When stopping service,  a Disconnect form must be signed and dated and returned to the Office.  When a resident moves out of the District their deposit will be refunded at the next monthly board meeting if there are no outstanding utility bills.


By State Law, the resident  is not allowed to turn water on or off at the water meter without authorization by the System Manager.






                  1. Dates when you will receive your water and garbage bill in the mail.


                        Water and garbage utility bills will be sent out the first week in the month. The bill for water and garbage will be mailed to you on a monthly billing cycle.  You can place your bill in the U.S. Mail  or drop your bill in a Payment Drop Box next to the door at the District Office. ( Do not place cash in the Mail or Drop box).  It is strongly suggested  that  you use the Drop Box for payment.  If the U.S.. Mail delivery is after the 21st of the month, you will get a late penalty fee  of $10 dollars in your next water and garbage utility bill.


  The District will accept credit card payment of the utility bill.  A convience fee will be added to the bill by the credit card processing company.  Call the office for more information about credit card payments.


   Any bank checks that are returned to the District will be charged a bank check return fee of $30 dollars.  The District may also require payment by money order to continue water service.


                  2. Water meter readings determine the amount you pay.


All water bills are based upon the water meter readings that are taken about the 15th of the month.

         The water bill is based upon water usage and the garbage bill is a flat

rate. You must pay for garbage if you receive water service. (Even if  you do not use the garbage service).  This is a conditional policy of the Special Purpose District as established by State law.


3. Paying late fee's . Re-connect Service fees,  Extra Delinquent  fees.

The bill must be paid before the 21st of each month.  By the 21st, excluding weekends and holidays, the payment will need to be made by Friday prior to the date. The same for the 27th at 4:00 pm.  Services will be disconnected on the 28th excluding Fridays, Saturday, Sunday or a Holiday.  Bills paid later then the 21st will incur a penalty fee  of  $10 dollars that will be added to your next bill.  Any residents who have not paid the full amount of their water bill by the 28th of the month are in jeopardy of having their services terminated.  On  the 28th, anyone in late status at that time will have a Yellow tag hung on their door with a notice of having their water service terminated .   If services are terminated due to nonpayment, the full amount of the bill (including a late fee), along with a service charge and extra delinquent fee  must be paid in order to reconnect services. Residents who feel they should not be charged  extra  fees can come to the regular monthly meeting and request a waiver from the Commissioners.

. Note: The District does not accept partial payment on water and   

             garbage bills.


4.  Resolution of Billing Problems


    All  Billing problems will be handled by the Billing Manager by calling the

    District Office and leaving a message  with your name, telephone number

    and a short explanation of your problem  The Billing Manager  will return

    your call and try to   resolve your  problem.  If your problem cannot be

    resolved  by  the  Billing Manager,  You can present your problem by

   calling any of the three Commissioners and attend the regular monthly

   meetings of the Board of Commissioners.








The College Acres Annual Audit Report  2020

The College Acres Special Purpose District contracts to have an Annual Audit completed  by an Independent Accounting Firm and the Accounting Firm issues a final report to the Commissioners of the District. 

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